Elec. Components Testing 7.0 - preview


Elec. Components Testing 7.0 - preview - display and New sensors set up

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Wellness Diffuser 6.0 - tech working


Wellness Diffuser 6.0 - tech working New "total white" version.

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New Multisensory Holistic Modular Pyramid


After many months of research and development, the new Multisensory Modular Holistic Pyramid has become a complete Holistic Cab, synthesis and evolution of our products and mature experiences. It integrates the technology of the new wellness diffuser 5.0 with the infrared massage table and the 4 * ...

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Childbirth Preparation Courses in Catania


Prepared courses, pregravidanza and prenatal bonding. The prepared course is useful to all future mothers waiting for their first child to face birth with awareness, serenity and trust: this is where you can do and which topics are dealt with Wellness Mamma psychologically supports the ...

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Onda Fitness Pilot Center


For those interested in buying our products and want to prove the real effectiveness of our patented holistic systems, can send an email to , indicating the reason for interest and a couple of useful dates for the demonstration. We will contact you to evaluate an ...

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Inserire il corpo della notizia in INGLESE in questo editor

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Multisensory Beauty Cabinet: reference standard


All our cabins Holistic Pyramidal (Pyramid Modular, Multisensory Cabin and Hydrovision) were made ad hoc, according to the latest legal requirements. Regarding are some reference data to keep in mind. Once all the paperwork had been completed for the creation of an aesthetic cabin in ...

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APP for spas and accommodation


There is an easy and effective way to increase customers and profits !!! An App that talks to you, which makes contacts for you that sells for you to more than 18 million Italians who use the smartphone.

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Coming Soon the new Pyramid Holistic Modular


The new Holistic Pyramid Modular is coming! Updates will follow.

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Any link to our Pyramid Web ...

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Relax 2016 Video Emotional Regression


Online the new version video for Relax Hydrovision with Emotional Regression RE - Generetion Bioresonance url

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Hydrovision Pyramid - Training


For better use of the Hydrovision Pyramid our psychologists and coaches can train wellness operators or end users with a complete short course ad hoc to transfer the optimal use of the Pyramid.

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Measurement patents + Awards 2014


With determination ref. prot. 21573 of 11TH of nove 2014, Invitalia, the National Agency for investment promotion and enterprise development, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development, completed the qualitative analysis and the merits for the project Hydrovision, and approved the ...

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NEW Hydrovision PYRAMID


NEW Hydrovision PYRAMID Now available the new top of the range Hydrovision Jacuzzi (HVJ acronym), the new concept of our Pyramide Hydrovision master craftsmen with Jacuzzi whirlpool mini spa. After a long period of research and development applied to design, electronics, new materials, the ...

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News only for domestic market


News only for domestic market.

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Hydrovision Pyramid - Concept Design


The new look of Piramide Hydrovision-Alba, brings together a new concept of wellness, home spa and design. The meaning of the name Alba comes from Latin and stands for the word dawn. The new vision of the Piramide Hydrovision aims to bring this exact effect by creating a fully sensorial ...

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Flyer Triennale Milan


Flyer Triennale Milan: The Economic Development Sector of the Province of Milan has the pleasure to invite you to visit the exhibition " A DESIGNER FOR ENTERPRISE 2013 " at the Triennale di Milano - Viale Alemagna , 6 - Milan.   A designer for Companies reached for the fourth consecutive year, ...

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Hydrovision for Yachts


Following the certification antisalt version 5.0 Wellness Diffuser for nautical use, our designers have crafted innovative environments for the Pyramid Holistic Model Hydrovision 1.0 for Yachts over 30 meters, providing for the placement of Hydrovision on the Fly Bridge instead of the common ...

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Triennale di Milano - Mock up Concept Hydrovision


December 10, 2013. February 2, 2014. Triennale di Milano - Display Mock up Concept Hydrovision A designer for Companies reached for the fourth consecutive year, the goal of generating innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises in Lombardy through design. The project, a collaboration ...

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Online feedback Childbirth Medical Hospital of Arezzo


Now Online feedback for Medical Birth at the Hospital of Arezzo. At the point of birth Hospital of Arezzo Bibbiena Asl 8 ( Casentino area ) for about a year in this facility you can use our Multi-sensory Wellness Diffuser, which is a programmable technique capable of delivering 4 applications at ...

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Insert Editorial Hotels & SPA Design


Posted insert Editorial hotels & spa - guidelines for the design process SPA and Wellness Centers - IV - Wellness Design Year XIV n.3/2013.

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Luxury Home Spa Concept


Following the announcement of the designer Awards for Companies, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan - Milan Province of Monza and Brianza Italy and sponsored by Material ConneXion, we will publish the short list and plans for the best design Hydrovision for the two categories : Concept ...

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ADN Kronos Launch national press agency


Health: 100 anti-technostress techniques, guide to digital workers (2) (Reuters Health) - One of the curiosities in the guide to prevent the technostress figure 'Wellness diffuser', a special technology that thrusts her into a 'sensory bath' of colors and soothing sounds, or meditation with ...

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New Covering Materials by


Thanks to the premium Design+, and thanks to the international database of new materials from Material Connexion, our technical staff has identified new materials ideal for upper covering of the Pyramid for an advanced customization of our Hydrovision System.

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Corporate Wellness - Tecnostress Book


It 'the first book in Italian on technostress in the company and in the workplace. 6 contains the results of research conducted by non-profit Netdipendenza on professions and all relevant information to prevent the new business risk hyper economy. The technostress is a new occupational disease ...

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Shooting Spot Hydrovision 2013


In collaboration with Vip Magazine, were held at our new Show Room the shooting of the new spot for Hydrovision 2013.

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Pride designer for Companies


With determination n.767/2013 we won the Pride designer for Companies, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan - Milan Province of Monza and Brianza and by Material ConneXion Italy. Thanks to this important recognition we have the cooperation of the following Top Superior Institutes and ...

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Montecarlo TOP MARQUES


Had been finished the Fair on 21 April, the International TOP Marques Fair in Monaco, with a great interest from visitors to the preview presentation of the Hydrovision model . We are now working at the completion of the Luxury version, with Onyx and Marble Translucent coatings, thanks to the ...

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Top Marques Monaco is the haute couture of the automobile industry, displaying a panorama of the world’s most prestigious luxury, sports cars and supercars, as well as products from the greatest luxury industries. Our cars are the supermodels of the industry and are the nec plus ultra in cutting ...

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Ipod Remote control with Irda Device and APP


Now you can take for each product branded Wellness Diffuser (Diffuser 5.0, Oasis or Pyramid Cabin until Vers. HydroVision) the optional "Control + Ipod Irda Device + APP. " Base Set Diffuser for 5.0 and Oasis includes an Apple iPod Touch 16GB 4G with the following features: DISPLAY: 960x640 ...

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The Grimaldi Luxury Forum 18-21 April 2013


We inform you that you can try out the new Holistic Cabin Version 5.1, at FAIR TOP MARQUES in Monaco from 18 to 21 April 2013, Stand B2. The event will appeal to lovers of luxury goods for the Italian and international public. Press Area In the picture the map to ...

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Sales Network Introduced Development


In order to develop our Network Marketing Distribution we are interested in evaluating distribution networks, agents and reporters well introduced in hotels, wellness centers, holistic spas and clinics. You can contact us using the form at the url ...

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Awards by Design


On July 2012, Wellness Diffuser New Version 6.0 has won the awards by Disegni+ sponsored by "Esposizione Permanente del Made in Italy e del Design Italiano nel Mondo", with honorable mention for its features and innovation and for enhance Italian Design.

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SPA Oasis Wet and Dry: Idrovision Concept


Today, for those are looking to offer a unique and innovative product tested in a SPA wet and dry, the SPA is now avaible in Concept Idrovision. For the first time, Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy Music therapy provided by the Wellness DiffuserVers 5.0 are enhanced by Massage therapy ...

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Partnership gestionale Primo Beauty&Wellnes


This Campaign is available for domestic market only.

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Flying Adjustable Now Available


Is available now Wellness Diffuser Led Floor Lamp with a new flying version with adjustable height and integrated plate ceiling system with extremely pure crystal and 16 colors and RGB intensity remote control. The LED technology is currently the most advanced and guaranteed (for 80,000 ...

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Multi-sensory Cabinet is inspired by Cheope Pyramid


Multi-sensory Cabinet is the new setting for Wellness Diffuser 5.0 studied and inspired by the wellness effects linked to pyramid energy. EM5.0 module is an Energetic Integrated Pyramid realized to optimize aromatic performance (focusing swing, cascade and waste effect of olfactory ...

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Promotion Management for your Wellness Courses and Events


This Campaign is available for domestic market only.

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Cosmoprof 2011


We inform you that you can try the New Version 5.0 Wellness Diffuser at the Cosmoprof 2011: Trade fair of Aesthetics and Spa Hall 14 Stand 32. Cosmoprof is the appointment of the Fair of Bologna with the beauty and wellness. The event is for Italian and foreign beauty professionals. It will take ...

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Aliens are inspired by our Diffuser.


It is not birds, insects or identifiable objects. This photo in the sky of Benevento June 23, 2010 leaves no dubts for interpretation: it is a real UFO. The speed with which they move and the distance between them is not conceivable with terrestrial physics. From ...

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2011 Rome International Estetica


We inform you that you can try the Wellness Diffuser vers. 5.0, at the Estetica International, that will take place from October 29th to 31st in Rome Fiera at Pad. 2 Stand A1 EUROSAN.

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Integrated Holistic System on RAI Tv.


On the occasion of the show "your affairs", broadcast on 11 .01.11 during a space reserved for patents and inventions, was presented our Integrated Holistic System, with the implementation of the Vers. 5.0 Wellness Diffuser with KI ON® Stone Bed Massage. Soon there will be new related events on tv.

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Online the


Online Our, for News, Articles and for open comments link the URL Blog Diffusore Benessere. Only Italian Version Available.

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Corporate Wellness


For firms and professional people, but also for employees and your customers, it is now possible to create a wellness oasis to offer helpful relax in order to favour concentration, to fight the stress and to work in a better situation. An exclusive product which you may place in an ad hoc corner, ...

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Eco Design 5.0 Version


As to the considerable success of our product in hotel, spa, wellness centers, but also in holistic and medical structures, our company is going to prepare a new lot for the production of the 5.0 Eco Design version of the Wellness Diffuser. Some of the new characteristics are: 1 The ...

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Sia Guest Exhibition 2009 Rimini


We inform you that you can try the Wellness Diffuser vers. 4.0, at the Sia Guest Exhibition 2009, that will take place from October 21st to 24th in Rimini at PAD A1. For info vist this URL

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Wellness Expo 2009


We inform you that you can try the Wellness Diffuser vers. 4.0, at the Wellness SPA & Beauty Exhibition, that will take place from October 23rd to 27th in Rho Fiera at P08 T07 PAD2 Stand. For info vist this URL

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Developement of the new holistic protocols


Developement of the new holistic protocols Having rediscount a very notable efficacy in using our Wellnwss Diffuser in fairs, manifestations and in the coherent use of our clients’ structures, and in a research program with the consultants who have partecipated with our society in the ...

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Multisensory Marketing Show Room Designed


Olfactory Marketing & Wellness Hi-Tech for Multi-sensory Workshop, Show Room and Stand. Today enhance and innovate your exhibition is a must, as well as a real opportunity to increase the propensity to purchase for your own potential customers. In fact Olfactory Marketing concept, and the ...

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Wellness offer increases its business


Recent studies have proved an excellent growth in wellness field, especially for holistic energy/relax treatments. ( source: Il Sole 24 Ore, WELLNESS ECONOMY report) The statement observes how some small and middle hotels are always full, even now during the crisis! The Italian Wellness ...

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Relax and fortune


Prof. Richard Wiseman has recently published interesting studies turned to find the “fortune factor”. According to this statement, relaxed and calm people can find lucky opportunities more easily. Prof. Wiseman asked to two groups of people to count the images in a newspapers. The group made of ...

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Marketing instruments for wellness marketing


Categories: wellness centres, hotels, spas, beauty saloons, holistic institutes. Have you got a business in wellness field and are you looking for new efficient and economical instruments to acquire new customers? A recent study shows rates of growth of Web marketing of nearly 40% as regards to ...

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Facilities for API agreed companies


Categories: Wellness, API, business association. Having a Wellness Diffuser is for an entrepreneur just like having a wellness oasis capable to give back the relax and the energy necessary to favour concentration and to fight the stress. For a hotel or a wellness center the Wellness Diffuser can ...

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Add taste to the Wellness Diffuser


There will be cooperation with the main infusion producers for a further holistic application to the three programs of the WD 4.0. For the “ENERGY” and “RELAX” treatment it is possible to combine the following drinks: Pure Energy (Liftoff, Guarana); Thermojetics tea (green tea); Aloe drink (to ...

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Toto Contract Show Room


Following up to great success of the WELLNESS DIFFUSER at SIA GUEST in Rimini, we show our product placed in the “Wellness Room” furnished in association with Toto Contract ( The room can be seen at Toto Show Room (Via Giovanni XXIII, 23 in Logiano, Forlì-Cesena). For any appointments ...

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The Wellness Room at the SIA GUEST exhibition


The Wellness Diffuser will also be at the SIA GUEST exhibition, the Salone Internazionale dell’ Accoglienza (the International Welcome Fair) in Rimini, from 11/24th/2007 to 11/27th/2007 in partnership with Toto Arredo, leader company in the hotel contract. It will be possible to admire the ...

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Fitness&Sport editorial


We enclose the editorial of the description of the Wellness DIffuser in the 4th/2007 number of thespecialized magazine Fitness&Sport. Inside there are some information about the Diffuser, its birth, its exclusive potentialities and its advantages.

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Issa Convention


The Wellness Diffuser had great success at the International Issa Convention. A lot of people, fascinated by the design, the lights and the aromas, stopped at our stand to understand how music lights and aromas influence our body and mind.

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International Issa Convention 8th-10th June 2007


If you want to visit us in Bellaria (Rimini) and if you want to see the Diffuser, you are welcome! For information:

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Special insert for hotels and spas


In June together with the first number of NTS, you will find the special insert for accommodations, luxury hotels and spas!

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Special insert for wellness centres and gyms


In June together with the first number of NTS, you will find the special insert for wellness centres and gyms.

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Market demand and innovation


A research made for the Marketing and Innovaton Grand Prix 2006 states how Italians are attentive to industry efforts to launch new products, but at the same time they are severe to value the effective advantage of the innovation. Most of them declare not to notice any difference between new and ...

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