Wellness Center and Beauty Farm

Beauty Center Products: machineries for beauty saloon, machineries for beauty farm and machineries for Wellness

The Wellness Diffuser is studied precisely as a multisensory machinery or equipment and furnishing accessory which supplies chromotherapy, aromatherapy, Music therapy and applied crystal therapy in a single application.

It is studied and created as distinctive and innovative product for Wellness centers, beauty farms, multisensory gyms.

It can be combined with ad hoc furnishing accessories (such as innovative couches which helps Wellness treatments) and settings such as Wellness boxes, Wellness corners, Wellness suites, Wellness booths, Wellness areas, Wellness centers, Wellness oasis and multisensory Wellness centers.

It is also helpful to create new treatments and protocols for mind and body, such as the massage combination, chiropractical treatments, acupuncture, pressure therapy, pilates, reiky, yoga sessions, psychotherapy, traditional and experimental protocols connected to nature therapy.

Its application in a multi-purpose center allows to combine your Wellness services and advices with a product purposely studied for prestigious spas, Wellness holistic centers and beauty farms.

The Diffuser can stand alone but it is also ideal as a support for specific medical treatments, not directly linked to holistic Wellness (massages, chiropractic treatments, pressure therapy, acupuncture, pilates, reiky, yoga sessions, psychotherapy, traditional and experimental protocols connected to naturetherapy).

By offering a distinctive and prestigious product in your center, you will be able to earn your customers' loyalty as well as to attract others.

Competitive benefits which our products can provide are various:

  • to have a holistic center available for the most demanding customers
  • to transform places in multisensory settings, making authentic multisensory full experience booths with high technology and a limited investment
  • to distinguish your center with a unique tested certified product created thanks to the collaboration with universities and researchers
  • to offer four more Wellness therapies than competitors with a promotion by websites and publications
  • to make new protocols
  • to deliver at best all the therapies also for the centers which already have them (however we underline that the core of the application is in the synchronized series which promote holistic Wellness)
  • to save time (thanks to its practicality) and money (by saving the staff work and the materials, having advanced solutions instead of candles, petals, essential oils, lights and music, which may require time and specific skills)
  • to have a simple and effective enjoyment

Paying attention to the constant commitment of our researchers working in the Wellness field in order to find new competitive benefits and to offer more and more distinctive services and regarding the new trend of fondling the customer in order to improve the quality of energizing, relaxing and rebalancing treatments to be different from competitors, we have planned, made, tested and certified our product, the Wellness Diffuser.

The product is conceived to create the promotable conditions to restore the balance mind and body, in the meantime, to stimulate capabilities which promote the improvement of the perceived Wellness.

Today for a Wellness center it is essential to diversify its services to the Customer by offering distinctive performances.

In a growing business to diversify its own services is simply a must. The Customer would be satisfied by only one therapy when he/she could enjoy a holistic application with four specific therapies of reference?

By investing in the Wellness Diffuser your center will be able not only to offer in boxes and Wellness areas aromatherapy, chromotherapy, Music therapy and crystal therapy in a single application but a real holistic Wellness available for the most demanding customers!

Il know-how offerto dal nostro programma di affiliazione:

  • Placement techniques and settings
  • Presentation techniques
  • Utilisation techniques
  • Personalization techniques

Thanks to the exclusive franchising program you will be updated on technical news and different Wellness protocols improved by our staff and our partners' and customers' network in order to satisfy your most demanding customer.

Therefore the Diffuser is a machinery for beauty saloon, machinery for beauty farm and machinery for Wellness. The Diffuser is conceived and made for applications related to massages, chiropractor, pressure therapy, pilates, reiky, yoga sessions, acupuncture, psychotherapy, naturepathy, homeopathy and applications of new Wellness protocols in multisensory booths in beauty farms, Wellness centers, spas, gyms, Wellness corners, Wellness suites, booths in Wellness centers, booths in beauty farms, Wellness oasis, Wellness areas and Wellness places.