Conditions and Warranties

The Diffuser is warranted for 12 months after the purchase

From the form purchase option it is possible to demand a product preview according to particular conditions addressed to the following targets: top hotels, Wellness centers, building companies, luminous caskets and resellers.

Subject to validation by our back office, these B2B targets will be delivered a booking code which will have to be inserted in the purchase order for a customized price.


The Diffuser is warranted for 12 months after the purchase in conformity to the following details:

Customer service: +39.02.22477330 or

The Diffuser is guaranteed by the producer for 12 months for compliance defects, according to the law by decree 24/02.

In order to have assistance during the warranted period, the Customer has to keep the invoice (or the delivery note), which will be send with the Diffuser or by e-mail in PDF. By accepting the purchase order, the customer asserts to be given the notice of the warrant conditions in force at the moment of the assistance request.

The producer's agreed warrant is provided in conformity of the conditions which are explained in the document inside the product package. If, following up an intervention of the entitled Assistance Centre, the defect is not covered by the producer's agreed warrant, the customer will be debited with incidental test and restoration charges demanded by the Assistance Centre and with carriage, if it is bore by NPS S.r.l.

12 Months Warrant

According to the law by decree 24/02, the 12 months warrant enforced to the product with a compliance defect, as long as the product itself is used correctly, in observance to its purposes and to what is described in the technical documentation enclosed in the package.

This warrant is addressed for the private consumer (a physical person who buys the product for aims which are not connected to his/her own professional occupation, that is when the person buys the product without specifying any reference to the Value added tax identification number, or VATIN, in the purchase form). In case of compliance defect, NPS  supplies the restoration of the product compliance, by reparation/substitution or price reduction or the cancellation of a contract.

The Customer will have to send the property to the operative seat of Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche P. Torresan S.r.l. - Via G. di Vittorio, 307/9 - 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI). In default of return of a warranted product (restored or substituted), NPS will be able, to its discretion, decide to the restitution of the aggregate amount or the substitution with a product with equal or superior qualities. If, following up an intervention of the entitled assistance Centre, the fault is not related to a compliance defect, in conformity to the law by decree 24/02, the Customer will be debited with incidental test and restoration charges demanded by the Assistance Centres and with carriage, if it is borne by NPS S.r.l.

If the warrant provides the restitution of the product, the property will have to be returned in its original package, with all its pieces (including wrapping, documentation, additional equipment, handbook, integral material, cables, etc.. In order to avoid damages, we recommend to put the original package in another box, however you must not affix sticky labels or adhesive tapes on the original package.

If you are included in the targets of reference and you buy the Diffuser directly from our website (ruled by the provision of renunciation for distance purchase), you can enjoy of special conditions.

Payment can be effected as follows:

  •  Cash on delivery
  •  Bank transfer

If you pay through a bank transfer, concerning customers in Italy, NPS S.r.l. will send the goods only exclusively after it receives by fax the confirmation of the payment through the copy of the transfer given by the bank (if the bank confirmation is not sent within 5 days by the order receipt, the order will be cancelled); for customers abroad NPS S.r.l. will send the goods only after the confirmation that the founds have been credited to NPS.

Furthermore you can benefit from a further personalization of payment and economic conditions if you precise during the booking your specific Customer Code (exclusively issued by our staff).


Warnings about the right of withdrawal

If the stipulation of the purchase contract is effected out of commercial premises, such as on a website, the related sale is submitted to the legislative decree Nr. 185 of 22.05.1999. The decree provides the possibility of the right of withdrawal for the buyer.

This rule concerns all the purchases effected in distance by telephone, fax or internet, whether they are delivered at home or collected c/o the society branch.


This warrant is applied to natural people (consumers) who act for purposes unconnected to their own commercial activities. Therefore the right of withdrawal cannot be applied to purchases mede by resellers and companies.

Assertion of the right of withdrawal

The consumer has the right to withdraw from any contract at distance without any penalty and any obligation to specify the reason, within 10 working days from the receipt of the goods. The right of withdrawal is exercised by a written message addressed to the seller, by post, fax, e-mail, telegram, etc.

The right of withdrawal is not applied on the goods which have been clearly customised or cannot be returned because they run the risk to deteriorate rapidly.

Conditions for the assertion

It is necessary to insert all the data for the identification of the customer, the order, the goods, the invoice, etc.; and in case of partial withdrawal, the items at issue. In the same way it is requisite to specify the bank coordinates for the new credit. The goods have to be sent back to the company by the same transport organisation with the specification of the code for the authorisation to return. Within 30 days after the receipt of the message the credit will be effected if our company receives the goods too.

Legislative Decree nr. 50 of 1992

Our company NPS S.r.l. carefully observes all the duties and rules described in the Legislative Decree nr. 50 of 1992, with the following modifications as provided.

Final statements

It is required that the products related to the right of withdrawal must be still sealed and not damaged. The forwarding charges are not refundable and they are at expense of the Customer.

Forwarding Charges and Transit Time

The Forwarding charges are calculated on a lump-sum basis for a delivery in Italy from 90 Euros to 120 Euros (with extra charge for islands and isolated areas).

For foreign shipping a special quotation is required.

The amount includes packaging: international shipping box (treated to grant integrity of the content), and thermal boxes and an innovative equipment well-tested to absorb hits and vibrations.

In order to insure the goods it is required a charge of 0.60% of the value of the goods (the amount is computed by our back office during the order elaboration).