Cerebral regeneration and mental processes

Protocol experience Regressive

Female voice recorded.

You are about to begin an inner journey that will take you to discover your deep universe, from which you can recharge your batteries right now. It will be a trip you relaxed and energetic.
Let's start with doing the circular breathing that depart from the belly and then move into the chest and gets the air out of his mouth half open. With the tongue resting on the upper palate.
You'll have to do 21 breaths continues without ever stopping, the average intensity not try too hard, in the end wait my instructions:

After 60 seconds.
I ask you to close your eyes and to stop your every thought, your mind must be totally at rest.
Now Slide only the images in your mind freely, without any thought to connect.

After 60 seconds
I ask you to imagine yourself in a room with white walls and a white floor, in this floor see a scale and steps leading down to the bottom. Still not start scenderla you do when I'll show you.
It 'easy to go down a ladder from which emerges from the bottom of a gentle light; when you're at the end of the scale, look for the place where you felt as a child at ease, where you were protected and were all right: Back in that place at that time

(After 30 seconds)
Start now to descend the stairs, counting the steps are 9 steps, percorrili counting them one by one and stop when you come down.

(After 30 seconds)
Now you come inside you, in this place there is no time nor afraid, everything around you is a soft light. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slNIcgN2B-8 background imperceptible You feel a warmth wrap gently until completely attraversarti.
Look around, see and remember what you liked about the place and made you feel good.
After 60 seconds
Now He's coming towards you slowly a big transparent ball, you see approach ... to touch you: enters this sphere, get seated, comfortable, inside her, soon will move you and take you in your universe.

After 30 seconds: Your ball is moving slowly gets up and pushes ever further.
(After 30 seconds)
You feel light, you're in this transparent bubble, you can touch its smooth walls and strong at the same time and see the universe around you slowly slide, you see yourself travel in this quiet space and lit by stars and you're part of it.

After 30 seconds
Listen slide in you an energy that radiates your every cell, your mind is crossed by waves of pure energy regenerating, everything is tidy inside you. The transparent sphere now or stopped, suspended in this inner world; Now before this big bubble come back looking in front of you what to see and if you want you can take what you want and take it with you.

60 seconds pause
The transparent ball begins to move again, takes you to the beginning of the journey to the base of the steps from where you left.
Come down from the ball and move it away from you a little push.

After 30 seconds
Look at you now, feel in this friendly place, open your arms and you welcome in you all the energy you need, keep them silent for a moment and listen to ... (90 seconds silence only an imperceptible basis of heartbeat and breathing) https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=slNIcgN2B-8 imperceptible within you is now all that is needed, every part of you is immersed in a life energy, your mind is light, your body is light. Now turned toward the scale and counting the nine steps, he begins to climb it, slowly.
When you have walked the last step, stopped at the top and stay a moment still there with your eyes closed.

(After 20 seconds)
When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.

Protocol designed by Giorgio Del Sole