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Wellness Diffuser Review

Anna Carlino (14.04.11)

post after relax therapy

"....I tested the multi-sensory Wellness diffuser with great pleasure. I soon have seen beneficial effects for relaxation of body and mind. It touches all five senses through aromatherapy, color therapy, music therapy and crystal therapy.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils like lavender, juniper, ylang ylang and pink. The lavender in my opinion has a very delicate aroma. The juniper slightly more strong. Lavender increased the intensity, and the ylang ylang is even more 'intense'. The essence of pink as my favorite.

COLOUR THERAPY: the Wellness diffuser in its pyramidal form let me seen the lights and bright colors that reflect the beauty of nature.

My favorites were the yellow color of the sun and the blue color of the sea.

MUSIC: the music associated with the colors have been all nice to me, because they are associated with nature (eg chirped. Birds, wind, sea). They have awakened in me calm and serenity, diverting my mind from the stress, fears and everyday problems that plague my mind.

Last but not least CRYSTAL (natural crystals diffuser) in symbiosis with a visual color therapy has developed in me serenity, peace, and have also improved the quality 'of my sleep after trying the diffuser.

Also tasting aloe vera during treatment had a beneficial effect on the relaxation of my body."

Vittoria Ferrari (01.08.11)

post after relax therapy

"...I tried the Wellness diffuser while i was in a time of great stress. The accumulation of personal and work commitments had taken me to a state of inner malaise.

Immediately after treatment with the Wellness diffuser, I have seen an awakening of the senses and energies thanks to the beneficial effects of cromaterapia, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and musicoterapia .

I especially appreciated the essences, from the ligher to the more intense, and thanks to the music in conjunction with natural light and the colors I have reached a state of great relaxation. The beneficial effects lasted for several days."

Alessandra C. (01.11.11)

post after relax therapy

"...I had the pleasure of trying several times the Wellness Oasis (Wellness Diffuser 5.0 speaker combined with massage bed irda) and I have found the 'effectiveness of its regenerating and relaxing effect on body and mind from the very first time. The speaker has wrapped me for the duration of the Wellness program (30 min.) in a pleasant feeling of relaxation and tranquility, feeling a sort of isolation from the daily routine, made possible thanks to a harmonious and effective combination of colors, aromas and sounds of nature.

I appreciated the infrared and vibrant massage bed, which gives a feeling of warmth spread throughout the body through tactile stimulation. The speaker, even stand-alone, is able to achieve a sense of accomplishment .

While I was lying I could enjoy the soothing massage of the couch and feel its warmth and its vibrations flowing from the top of the head to neck, then cross the entire length of the back and reaching to the feet (among other things I found very simple and functional the availability of various preset programs and the ability to customize them ad hoc).

I had the pleasure of enjoy the massage effect and the special features of the other speaker features that make it unique, innovative and effective.

I felt better and better using the rhythmic alternating of modulated colors, synchronous switching of different colors projected on the glass that create light effects from blue to green and then fade into the blue following the 'path of the imaginary 'water that drips from the cave down to the river and end up in water to evaporate. The water path is also transmitted by the continuous alternation of different colors. To complete this total immersion in nature there are four different flavors, fresh and delicate, such as lavender, juniper, ylang-ylang and rose, changing with timings of 7 min. So I noticed the effect of suspension, waterfall and residual (and I must say that as a result I'm now better able to perceive the different sequences and also recognize aromas).

During the last treatment I also wanted to integrate the sense of taste, using the recommended herbal teas, and this gave a further multisensory treatments. Part of the benefits of Wellness Diffuser is linked to pure crystal, which, thanks to its icing and physical properties of light, allows us to perceive and capture its energy and vitality at each step.

Only 30 minutes let me really live a feeling of complete relaxation and regeneration never experienced until now.

Giovanni Danieli (17.11.11)

"it is with pleasure that I would like notified SPA users, that in my Wellness center "Crystal Energy Spa" Hotel Cristal Palace 4 * S, the Wellness Diffuser has had an Excelent success for his simple but complete application that allows to spend relaxing time really effectively, for customers who want to experience a true multi-sensory moments of complete relaxation.

Most customers are relaxed or asleep, and then everyone smiling and fell regenerated.

It's very popular and appreciated in our package where is insert also combined with other treatments. "

Review of new mother using the Wellness Diffuser in gentle birth


Today at 13:04 is our first born son, Nicholas. An infinite joy and emotion we have invaded the heart and soul from the very first instant. We shared the labor and delivery as if we were a single body, my husband and I have shared the joy and the pain of every moment. this thanks to the love that unites us and the professionalism, and the constant support of the midwife Juliet, who with infinite patience has led us to this wonderful adventure and reminded us all of the valuable advice of the method Bonapace, known during the course of pre-childbirth. a method that constantly reminds the fundamental characteristic of childbirth: a completely natural event, where with calm patience and simple breathing techniques you can manage pain. Precious was also the environment of the delivery room, an environment where you can feel almost at home thanks to the soft lights, soothing music and scents. despite the pain and physical fatigue when Nicholas came to light we felt proud of ourselves and of our new family!
A special thank you to all the staff of the department were always friendly, helpful and professional!
Thanks also to Dr. Mazzetti who followed us in the past nine months! Thank you! E. and M.


YESTERDAY AT 11:41 Azur is born our second child, the joy experienced on the occasion of the birth of Elena almost 4 years ago it was revived more explosive and exciting than ever.
A special thank you to the entire department of doctors, midwives and nurses who perform their duties with professionalism, but also with love, gentleness, kindness and sympathy towards their parents is that the new arrivals.
The novelty (diffuser) that we have experienced in the delivery room made ​​it quieter, less traumatic and very challenging ... it almost seems to be pampered in a spa rather than in the delivery room !! The lights, the colors, the smells, but especially the music creates certainly benefit in these moments ... as for me compared to the first birth I was feeling even better.
The department of obstetrics and nest Casentino is the most beautiful in the world! the word of kids and parents! R.M.

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