Holistic Therapies

"Today we possess science precisely to the extent to which we have decided to accept the testimony of the senses — to the extent to which we sharpen them further, arm them, and have learned to think them through." F. Nietzsche

Everyone is inclined to identify emotions according to physical sensations; so we will feel with our heart in our mouth if we are waiting for an eagerly awaited event with anxiety and fear, we will feel like paralyzed by fear for a terrible fact or besides we blush and tremble with anger for being wronged.

Therefore we can declare that our body is the background of all the psychological events and there is a strong connection between body and mind.

It is natural to accept the human somatic-psychic unity which involves a deep influence of physical Wellness on moods and mental Wellness and vice versa. It is important to analyse every disease not only from a medical point of view, but also in regard to the emotional aspect. The ancient philosophy which established a coincidence between Wellness and health (the physical one, with no pathologies) has acquired a larger meaning, involving all the human aspects (physical, emotive, social and spiritual one). In global Wellness there is a necessary implication of psycho-physical aspects and of mental and spiritual ones, as recent medical confirmations (beyond the western and oriental philosophy) state affirm.

For this reason we turned to experts and scientists to find a natural and global remedy for the malaise perceived by a growing number of people, who are looking for a new condition of "being well".

So the following therapy series have been studied and made to give the best synergic-holistic reaction given by the single partial series related to each therapy. This global series represents our exclusive Know How and it is constantly updated through upgrades on the secure digital card inside the Diffuser.

The tests effectuated on the beta-tester sample showed an immediate Wellness perceived from the first application and Wellness improvements after some weeks (with an average of 3 applications a week).

To promote and understand better some concepts, such as bioresonance, magnetic harmony, correct breathing and chakra, we inserted in the instructions some simple explications to aid a further optimization of the holistic efficiency of the Diffuser. We created thousands of series till the final result of the four master series which correspond to the programs of reference.

Through a constant use you will be able to appreciate our Wellness routes, you will be able to feel and awake your emotions which are often hidden in everyday life through, for example, the water route,which drives you from the highest mountains to the valleys, passing through dark caves and arriving to the sea, reproducing the cycles of life.

During these multisensory routes you can enjoy of our music tunes, purposely created by bioresonance for specific evocations, our colour frequencies, purposely synchronized for the same evocations, and the refraction spread by inference, thanks to the physical features of a pure crystal which is cut for you in conformity to the golden ratio and chosen according to its provenience, freezing and extraction depth; together to 12 aromas, chosen carefully to combine better to the routes of the other senses and to allow not only to distinguish every single scent, but also the different aroma heads, spread gently and progressively thanks to an innovative filter system and temperature modifiers, which consider the different suspending, permanence and cascade effects of every single essential oil and the residual mixture effect.

All this features are proper to evoke those subtle ethereal, vibrational energies, which are as unperceivable as important and which are subtended between mind and body. These energies give us new sensations for a conscious, global and holistic Wellness.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromotherapy
  • Music therapy
  • Crystal therapy
  • IRDA Massage
    Wellness Diffuser is available combined with the Irda massage bed as Multisensory Oasis version. It has 9 specific therapeutic programs and 5 Wellness programs to obtain the best match with the Master Sequences of Wellness Diffuser 5.0.
  • Pyramid Therapy
    Multisensory Cabinet for Wellness Diffuser 5.0 is designed and inspired by the Wellness effects linked to pyramid energy and it's perfect to create a Wellness room. Pyramid is realized following golden section and with specific materials and references to concentrate subtle energies (that includes Orgometer, Halotherapy and on request video projector as Vision version).

Hydrovision Pyramid Training

For optimal use of the Hydrovision Pyramid our psychologists and coaches can train Wellness operators or end users with a complete short course to the use of the pyramid itself as attached pdf.

Holistic Therapies Brochure PDF

Thanks and cooperations

For the creation of the Wellness Diffuser we would like to thank NPS S.r.l., the partner structures and the technical and specialized cooperations. In particular concerning the firsts we thank the universities which cooperated to the technical planning of the Wellness Diffuser and concerning the seconds we thank all the experts for their precious contribution to the product.

The Diffuser can be considered as a combined application to help natural treatments, natural remedies, alternative therapies, alternative medicine, to fight stress, to create protocols of holistic therapies, combined alternative therapies, multisensory Wellness treatments, holistic Wellness treatments, emotional therapies and Wellness therapies.

All technology products by NPS srl are not intended for treatment to cure or reduce medical disease condition of any kind, but as approaches and devices to increase Wellness.