Hydrovision Pyramid

Pyramid systems for attic, suite, luxury home, professional and innovative spa


New integrated Hydrovision model for W.D.

After several years of research and development, is presented in world premiere at the luxury show Top Marques in Monaco the new integrated model HydroVision.

Hydrovision is a patented Pyramid Sensory Spa

Hydrovision is a patented Pyramid Sensory Spa which incorporates ten emotional therapies in bioresonance, integrating all the components and modules Wellness Diffuser branded.

Hydrovision Mind

Piramide Hydrovision per Home Spa Luxury

Hydrovision is a patented model that integrates emotional ten in bioresonance therapy, integrating all the components and modules being branded speaker.

Thanks to the diffuser being 5.0basso voltage and with new electronics firmware 4.5 delivers aromatherapy, music therapy and color therapy with cristalloterapia applied to stimulate the senses of sight, hearing and smell.

Thanks to massage bed with infrared lumbar and cervical integrate as many as 9 specific therapeutic programs and 5 Wellness programs designed to get the best match with the sequences of the Master DB 5.0 and thus stimulate the sense of touch.

is also possible to adjust the intensity of massage on the various Chakra and also the duration of the treatment thanks to a remote control extremely simple and effective to use and customization of programs.

Hydrovision Pyramid for wet Home Spa and Professional Spa

Thanks to the Vision module is then possible to integrate the beneficial effects of piramidoterapia with video playback of movies owners made according to symbols and images that evoke the energy path vibrazionale on individual chakras treated and also offers the ability to play video from the Web, with a quality and definition studied transluminosità offer better thanks to the coating material.

Thanks to the module Hydrovision, it also offers the possibility of transforming a Spa Spa Shoal in moist, with the possibility of creating paths of complete Wellness, using technology and the reliability of our whirlpools, made for our Cabin Holistic.

It is also possible to control the entire system through a modular wireless control and Ipod Control & IrDA Device

Is now available (with optional diffuser and Wellness 3rd Edition 5.0 serial version from Oasis and for all other versions combined) New Docking Station Speaker Wellness ® brand to have an Ipod Touch as a remote control and an innovative control device Infrared that will allow you to easily manage the diffuser Wellness and other embedded devices (eg Flying Adjustable, Projector, etc. ..)

Hydrovision Soul

All the devices and modules inserted in the Pyramid Hydrovision have been researched and chosen so as to make the most of the effectiveness of the various holistic Integrated Systems Wellness involved, the frequency of colors, sounds, images and massages to fruition as effective as a simple , using the dedicated application Mobile.


Now available the new top of the range Hydrovision, the new concept of our Piramide Hydrovision master craftsmen with Jacuzzi whirlpool mini spa.

Ideal for all placings for Home SPA, outdoor (in garden, pool side, penthouse, etc ..), for naval use, for Hotel (in Suites and SPA), the new HVJ is the most comprehensive holistic center, patented and implemented to achieve the first spa wet and dry "all in one".

After a long period of research and development applied to design, electronics, new materials, the new HVJ Pyramid is the most exclusive luxury product for Holistic Wellness.

Made in limited edition and tailored on demand, each HVJ Pyramid is made of individual pieces numbered and certified thanks to the capabilities of our supply chain of producers, designers and craftsmen rapresent the best exclusive expression of Made in Italy Design!

The research of each mechanical component, electronic and design style creates a complete new full experience, offering a complete module that will enhance your senses with an amazing holistic effectiveness.

Moreover, in addition to the standards for low-voltage, version HVJ provides assistance and training for a better understanding of the bio-vibrational effectiveness which will guide you through a complete sensory journey by relaxation, sleep, meditation and energy personalized programs.

The sequences also used for medical protocols are only one aspect of a further guarantee of our product.

Ideal for all types of setting the new HVJ is the most complete holistic center, patented and implemented to realize the first Wet and Dry SPA "all in one".

Hydrovision Pyramid Training

For optimal use of the Hydrovision Pyramid our psychologists and coaches can train Wellness operators or end users with a complete short course to the use of the pyramid itself as attached pdf.

Holistic Therapies Brochure PDF

Hydrovision Body

All materials used not only respond to the more stringent requirements in terms of safety and reliability, but they are identified to minimize electrostatic harmful emissions and to foster the best concentration of subtle energies, through the delivery of these from the highest point (Orgometro copper), to creep through the aluminum structure and their concentration in dense parts such as parquet floors and sliding considering the ideal relationship between the various distances according to the report defined by the golden ratio.

An effective control system with electronic security systems, ad hoc, allows the transformation of the functions of Oasis from dry in wet and vice versa with ease.

As to the possible customizations Hydrovision (up to version Luxury), the Pyramid can 'be custom made and coated with different coating materials.


Carrara White
Bianco Carrara
White Onyx
Onice Bianco
Amber Onyx
Onice Ambrato
Norway Rose
Rosa Norvegia
New materials by Materialconnexion

Perlinato Bianco
Bright Silver
Laminato Bright Silver
Bright Silver

Bright Silver 3D

Foglia Oro

Cristallo Multimaterico
Mirrored Glass
mirrored glass



Hydrovision is a pyramid systems ideal for attic SPA, suite SPA, luxury home SPA, innovative SPA, professional SPA, corporate SPA, innovation SPA,