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The Wellness Diffuser is advised for everyone, but it has been specifically conceived as an innovatory product to realise real Wellness oasis in Wellness centers, spas, prestigious hotels, and beauty farms, also to integrate specific relaxing or energetic treatment.

Its installation, as its maintenance (which only concerns the changing of essential oils) does not require particular care. Indeed it is enough to install a built-in hanger or a ceiling flat (in case of Flying version) with two easy 6 mm holes for safety plugs and to place the Wellness Diffuser at 120-140 m above the user.

Then you will able to live relaxing, energetic, soothing emotions by simply pressing a button.

You will able to live four Wellness therapies studied to satisfy even the most demanding guest by transforming suites in multi-purpose Wellness rooms (multisensory), setting the Diffuser above the bed, the chaise longue, the sofa or the armchair, in order to relax yourself in a comfortable supine position.

For a better holistic effect it is also possible to personalize ad hoc the Diffuser in every therapy for specific settings, planned by our Designers, both by using specific hardware and firmware peripheral (such as controlled peripheral sources of light), and through an aimed exploitation of the product for employment purposes (see page customer advice).


Multi-Sensory Cabinet is the new setting for Wellness Diffuser 5.0 studied and inspired by the Wellness effects linked to pyramid energy.

Multi-Sensory Cabinet is the new setting for Wellness Diffuser 5.0 studied and inspired by the Wellness effects linked to pyramid energy.

Currently pyramid is used for Reiki treatment,crystal therapy, meditation and massages to amplify physical-energetic effect.

Multisensory pyramid is directly proportional to the original measure of Cheope, where the energy is focused exactly in the pyramid center, in the same position of the King's Chamber.

Every pyramid are custom-made, on customer's requests. Pyramid is delivered disassembled but is possible to ask for a turnkey installation in place.

Hydrovision for YachtsHydrovision for Yachts

Following the certification antisalt version 5.0 Wellness Diffuser for nautical use, our designers have crafted innovative environments for the Pyramid Holistic Model Hydrovision 1.0 for Yachts over 30 meters, providing for the placement of Hydrovision on the Fly Bridge instead of the common mini-pools or whirlpools .


The product can be integrated with ad hoc furniture (such as couches) and settings planned to exploit also the aesthetic qualities of a product which aims to combine Art, Wellness, and Technology.

For this reason we have planned some samples and concepts of combined corners and boxes, thanks to the cooperation of architects and designers and realised with the contribution of company's leaders in planning Wellness centers and areas.

The Diffuser is ideal for Wellness centers, also in association with specific energetic and/or relaxing treatments (massages, reiki, yoga...) but it is also Excelent as unique "stand alone" application.

The Diffuser is normally shown in a particular Wellness corner, which is mostly masonry-made and mosaic-cover.

In this way it is possible to have a real "oasis", where you can forget life stress and plunge in unique atmospheres, among stalactites of natural rock salt (well-known for its ionizing properties which contrast the diffusion of harmful ions), real plants, as a particular variety of Cereus (well-known for its natural ionizing properties, which permits a compensation between anions and cations) and the use of peripheral leds to increase the light diffusion (also thanks to the application Multi Sources Light Application MSLA), all gathered on a dark durmast parquet and enriched by stones, rocks and other plants.

The waterfall placed on the wall in front of the couch increases the value of the choice of these materials, which create a particular atmosphere, a bound between nature and interior setting.

Multisensory Wellness Corner - Concept

For smaller areas and for boxes with more common measures (3x2 mt, 4x2,5, 4,5x3), the Diffuser is placed in a Wellness box/booth covered by a dark durmast parquet and enriched by stones, rocks and other plants.

On the frontal wall we find a waterfall which utters a soft and relaxing sound.

The light is minimum to aid the correct working of the Wellness Diffuser and it is produced by neon which is set under the parquet-cover in order to obtain a soft light effect along the box perimeter.

The walls are covered by dark durmast and have fissures windowed by glazed plexiglas.

Multisensory Wellness Box - Concept

An aimed valorisation of the product concerning its placing related to its use will improve the employment purposes (see page customer advice).

The housing personalized solution of the multisensory Wellness Diffuser is able to create ultimate settings and spaces which in this way are completely dedicated to Wellness and body care.

This kind of installation provides the total false ceiling housing of the whole structure, including the central body and the glazed plexiglas shape. We have reproduced the original shape and design of the Diffuser.

Wellness Chase-Lounge - Concept

The chaise-longue is made of different kinds of woods or of plastic materials and it is arranged for the hooking of the new support of the Wellness Diffuser (from now on WD), with a linear and simple design, characterized by particular curvatures. Dimensions cm 80x200x h 40/80.

The WD support is made of polyurethane on a sheet of inoxidizable brushed steel.

The balanced curvature allows to support the Wellness Diffuser Module (from now on WDM), which is hooked and fastened to the support, creating a unique and elegant line. This support has been produced to be applied to other couches equipped by clamps, which allows to anchor and secure the support WDM.

All the fore-mentioned settings are pre-feasible and our staff of architects and designers are at the customer's complete disposal to produced ad hoc settings according to his specific requires, both concerning the materials and trimmings.

The Diffuser represents therefore a product which can combine art and Wellness in planning interior design (such as inserts in the Wellness room, mini spa, multisensory suites, Wellness oasis).

The applications are different and varied and they range in many situations, from supplies from beauty farms to the office furniture, from hotel settings to those of the feasible house and of the Wellness centers (where it is possible to realize multisensory routes, multisensory areas, multisensory spaces), to the equipments for beauty salons (where we can create Wellness box and Wellness corner).

Today indeed designers, architects and Wellness companies are continuously searching hi tech products in planning these Wellness multisensory areas in order to make the WD experience unique and more and more effective.

The Wellness Diffuser is an Holistic Integrated Wellness System specifically studied as a multisensory machinery ( for multisensory Wellness ) or equipment for prestigious Wellness centers, spa, hotels, beauty farms. It can be combined with ad hoc furniture and settings such as oasis, Wellness boxes, booths, corners and other multisensory sets planned by architects to exploit the functionalities and the holistic efficacy of our product.