Video therapy

Ad hoc bioresonance videos for every Wellness Diffuser therapy program.

Amarlife - Nature Art & Therapy collectionNPS srl, in collaboration with designs and manufactures video ad hoc and bio-resonance for each specific program of use of our systems branded diffuser being (sleep, relaxation, meditation and energy), in order to provide a state of total holistic Wellness.

ideo therapy, nature video WellnessThe vision of natural images, as demonstrated by scientific studies of global significance, improves in a few minutes the well being of the people: stress reduction, muscle tension, pain perception, increased energy, mood, concentration, intuition, creativity, are just some of the positive effects.

Sight is the sense that most stimulates the brain, with 81% of information (11% come from the rest of the hearing and other senses).

Designed to relax, harmonize, balance, encourage meditation, images Nature Experience using a particular technique which is based on audiovisual sequences and cycles precise.

The balance between action and inaction, which distinguishes allows you to activate the passive attention, allowing the mind to rest. The monochrome image can stimulate the nervous system with the vibrational frequencies of the colors.

Visual sequences personalized, synchronized with the bioresonance therapies offered by Spread Wellness, offer a real experiential journey, accompanying the program selected with the succession of natural atmospheres that characterize it. Pictures of nature evocative and exciting, that act on the nervous system, bringing those benefits - reduced stress, increased intuition, creativity, well-being ... - that nature gives.