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What is the origin of the Diffuser?

The Diffuser originates from an accurate analysis of growing sectors discovered by NPS S.r.l. (www.netpersonalization.com), a company which deals with communication, digital trade and the launching of new products.

From this analysis we have produced a hi-tech Wellness lamp which can supply chromotherapy, Music therapy and aromatherapy thanks to the most advanced components from a mechanical and electronic point of view, concerning the hardware and software profile.

Then we identified the best holistic-synergistic relationship among these therapies and we worked out specific series for each of the program, thanks to the cooperation of eminent experts.

Design, planning and launching happened subsequently thanks to the partnerships involved.

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What are the dimensions and the weight of the Diffuser?

As it is described in Product section, the Diffuser weighs 7 kg and measures 69x30x43 cm.

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How does the innovative design of the Diffuser originate?

The innovative design of the Diffuser originates from an accurate logical and functional analysis to optimize each component and accessory, even by a multifunctional harmonic structure which not only assures the best association of functions, but it also offers a comfortable and essential line.

Precisely we created the Diffuser shape following the parameters of the golden ratio of the pyramid of Cheops (just as we did for the crystal proportions, engraved ad hoc for us).

In the same time different designers elaborated various tridimensional simulations in order to create not only an artistic object, but also an object characterized by an innovative line to recall to the user the innovation and the feasible aspect of the Diffuser.

Progetto Diffusore Benessere It is not a coincidence that the shape and the colours of the Diffuser reminds those of a spacecraft, in particular the renowned Lazar space vessel.

Also the inside planning evokes the Zed of the pyramid of Cheops, owing to the parallelepiped containment tower and the four suspension levels with a reproduction of the pyramid itself at the basis.

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How can I utilize the Diffuser?

The Diffuser is conceived to promote sleep, meditation, relaxation and energy thanks to four associated holistic therapies.

Besides the Diffuser can be a neon wall lamp and a programmable LED to deliver every possible colour lighting also with programs purposely created (strobe, fade, flash, smooth function). These can however be controlled singly, personalized or removed by special controls.

We suggest to alternate the programs (especially for meditation and energy, since they have been studied to stimulate the first 3 and the last 4 chakras respectively) and to read the instructions.

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How shall I utilize the Diffuser to appreciate its therapies better?

To better appreciate the effects of the therapies we suggest using the Diffuser regularly and constantly; Wellness benefits will be noted in the first weeks and they will be consolidated subsequently.

Furthermore, following the instructions, you can optimize the therapeutic cycles, in particular for what concerns respiration techniques, thanks to a greater awareness about therapies and chakras.

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Where can I place the Diffuser?

The Diffuser is conceived to promote sleep, meditation relaxation and energy, therefore we suggest a comfortable position, preferably horizontal, such as on a bed, a sofa or an armchair (better if massaging), a hydromassage tub or a couch (for example in the Wellness centers and beauty farms).

However the Diffuser can be placed in any setting, also to make a Wellness atmosphere without a direct exposure to chromatic series.

In the original model it was conceived as ceiling lamp, in order to assure all the safety measure (see Law 626). Anyway it is also available the hanger version, which can be placed everywhere. For this version it is recommendable the passage of power cables under the wall, in order to have improvements in safety and aaesthetics. Anyway it is possible to use the WD directly with a cable and plug connections (we suggest to check the safety of multiple outlets).

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What are the purchase warranty and the assistance warranty?

The Diffuser is certified as it is described in the Certifications section.

The product can be bought at the qualified resellers (see the Reseller section in the database) and on line, in conformity to all the warranty conditions described in the website and as provided in the law, included the right of withdrawal within 7 working days.

Concerning assistance, our staff is available by telephone or e-mail for any claim and it assures the free reparation/substitution of the product in case of bad series working; while in case of damage owing to incorrect utilisation by the purchaser, our staff changes and/or repairs the components at issue rapidly and at very good prices.

The Diffuser is covered by the conventional producer warranty and by the 12 months warranty for conformity faults, under the law 24/02.

To profit by the warranted assistance, the Customer will have to keep the invoice (or the delivery note) which will be delivered by e-mail in portable document format. By accepting the order, the Customer affirms to record the assistance conditions in force at the time of the assistance demand and He/She accepts these conditions.

The producer’s agreed warrant is provided in conformity of the conditions which are explained in the document inside the product package. If, following up an intervention of the entitled Assistance Centre, the defect is not covered by the producer’s agreed warrant, the Customer will be debited with incidental test and restoration charges demanded by the Assistance Centres and with carriage, if it is bore by NPS S.r.l.

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How can I purchase on line?

To order the Diffuser and its accessories you need to record the require in the proper form you will find in our website .

Our back office will ratify your demand and it will send you the code number and the password to log in.

Once you logged in, you will able to choose the product and/or the component, the quantity you need and then you will send the form.

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In case of on line purchase, how is the Diffuser sent? And which is the warranty?

The Diffuser is sent after the receipt of the bank transfer or the collection on delivery. You can enjoy of many benefits thanks to our logistic service:

  • Fixed transit times and refund warranty, thanks to the option included in the assurance*
  • Easy-to-fill-in documents
  • Safe packagings
  • Advanced real-time monitoring
  • Delivery confirmation in all the invoices

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Is there a real check on the utilisation of the essential oils?

There is a control panel with electronical tests on therapeutic cycles effectively supplied. These tests are made to check in every moment the employment of essential oils.

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How can I modify my music-light-aroma series?

Periodically NPS S.r.l. brings out upgrades and update containing new tunes for your selection among different catalogues, in conformity to preferences, inclinations and moods. The selection is made by the simple substitution of Your card. Lights are already optimized to offer the best results of the Wellness programs, while aromas can be changed or removed according to Your needs.

All the series are created to warrant the best holistic connection.

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Are there any facilities for b2b Customers and for resellers?

For b2b Customers and resellers there are particular facilities and deductions as well as further profitable conditions for considerable lots of goods.

For further information you have to subscribe and send a query to our large sales staff.

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Is it possible to personalize the Diffuser functioning?

Furthermore for the most demanding Customers and the most renowned Wellness accommodations it is possible to require the partial or total personalization of therapies.

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Are there different versions available of the Diffuser?

For the Diffuser 4.0 there are the following models and versions available. For the lower shell: aluminum Bright Silver [Order code DB4BS] and Old Gold [Order code DB4OG]. The versions are Flying (ceiling) or hanger (wall lamp), The upper shell is created by Italian painters, with particular pigments which gives a transparent effect to its shade.

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Is it possible to require an advanced personalisation of the Diffuser?

Since NPS S.r.l. (which is the acronym for Net Personalization Service) aims to improve continuously the product, it is possible to value specific technical and structural personalizations together with our technical staff.

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Is there any contraindication in the use of the product?

There is not any contraindication concerning the use of the product, apart from following scrupulously the instructions .

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* To benefit of the assurance you have to accept the goods on trial from the carrier or to inspect it in his presence and to advise him immediately if there is any problem.

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