Massage infrared systems

Multi-sensory Oasis combines Wellness Diffuser 5.0 with innovative IRDA massage bed

Multi-sensory Oasis combine the new Wellness Diffuser Version 5.0 with an Innovative Massage Bed with Infrared, build with 9 specific therapy programs and 5 Wellness programs to obtain the best integration with DB 5.0 Master Sequency.

Oasi Benessere Multisensoriale

Thanks to this winning combination, is now possible to add the sense of touch and allow Wellness Diffuser to operate "Stand Alone" with or without Wellness operator. It is possible to adjust massage intensity on different Chakra and treatment length thanks to a remote control extremely simple as effective.

Today this two technology are combined in an Unicum Olistico in Multi-sensory Wellness Oasis ®.